Some tips about interacting with people who are deaf or hard of hearing

Communicating with a deaf person is easy using sign language. However, you can still communicate with a deaf person if sign language is not an option.

Here is some information about interacting with people who are deaf or are hard of hearing.

  1. Get the attention of the person you want to interact with. This is best done by touching them on the arm and letting them know of your presence.

  2. You should be facing the person, making eye contact.

  3. Speak clearly as many deaf people can read lips.

  4. Do not cover your face and ensure the person is able to see you.

  5. Use gestures and expressions but do not be over-excited.

  6. Make sure the deaf person is aware of the topic of discussion

  7. Writing down the information is also an option to share ideas.

  8. Do not yell or talk too loudly.

  9. Repeat yourself calmly if the other person is not able to understand the first time.

  10. Be patient and do not show any impatience. Respect for others is the key to healthy communication.

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