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Creating a calming space for children with autism

May 9, 2018

A calming room or space helps to soothe children with autism when they feel overwhelmed or nervous.

The room does not have to be a large space. It needs to have an atmosphere such that the child feels safe and calm.

Here are some things to consider if you are planning to create a calming space for a child with autism.

  1. The room or space should be free of clutter and knick knacks.

  2. Primary colours like red, yellow, and blue should not be used as they can add to the tension the child may already be feeling.

  3. Calm colours like light blues, greens, and violets are preferable as they are cool to the eyes and less stimulating.

  4. Adding a variety of textures can help keep the child occupied. Use fluffy pillows, textured wallpaper, or a beanbag chair.

  5. Use soft lighting that is not harsh to the eyes.

  6. Avoid putting too much plastic in the area. Use wood instead.

  7. Calming pictures such as natural scenes can be added to the room.

  8. Noisy materials should be avoided as that may cause more behaviour issues.

  9. A soft rug or mat can be used on the floor for the child to sit or lie down.

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