Suffering a blow to the head can lead to higher risk of dementia

A recent study says that people who suffer a severe blow in the head have a higher risk of dementia. They are six times more likely to suffer dementia compared to people who have not suffered a head injury.

The risk of dementia is there even 30 years after the person has suffered a blow.

The study was conducted by a group of Swedish researchers on 9,95,000 people. The study pointed out that the higher the blow's intensity, the greater the chances of dementia. This is true for men and for women.

The risk of dementia increases six-fold in the first year after a head blow. It is 25% higher after 30 years. It doubles after an average follow-up period of 15 years.

This study is definitely important, especially for sportspersons. Many players suffer head injuries while playing football and rugby, and while boxing. This study throws light on the importance of wearing protective gear while playing these games.

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