Kolkata metro stations turn inaccessible for senior citizens, disabled people

Metro stations in Kolkata are facing constant complaints as they are inaccessible. Most escalators and lifts in the metro stations are in poor working condition. This makes it hard for disabled people and the elderly to use the Metro.

Like 69-year-old businessman Manmohan Kohli who has to use the Chandni Chowk Metro station daily. The station does not have an escalator and he is forced to climb the stairs. He says the steps are steep and climbing them in the intense heat takes a toll.

Many senior citizens and disabled people are voicing the same problem. Recently, an escalator at the Dum Dum Metro Station started going in the reverse direction, throwing many commuters to the floor.

Metro officials say there are no plans to improve the escalators or lifts in these stations. This is because the systems are very old and modifying them will be hard.

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