Demand for more reservation for disabled people in Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has been called inaccessible and not inclusive of disabled people.

In a letter given to the MMRDA, disability rights groups have demanded more jobs be set aside for disabled people. They say that disabled people should not be ignored because they lack the required educational qualification as many of them are not able to complete their education.

Apart from employment, these were some of their other demands -

  • A 75% ticket concession for disabled people. The reserved seats must be marked clearly given the heavy rush at stations.
  • Metro stations must have exclusive ticket window for disabled people. This window must be run by a disabled person.
  • Railways must have a separate line so that it is more convenient for people with disabilities.
  • Announcement in platforms must be done in a format that is easily understood by disabled people.
  • People with disabilities must be able to run stalls in stations. This will provide employment as well.

The MMRDA has said that it would look into these concerns raised by the disability group members.

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