Some tips for getting haircuts for children with autism

For people with autism getting a haircut is not a simple task like it is for others.

It not only involves some sensory issues, but also interactions with strangers in a different setting. It can be a very emotional and overwhelming experience for them.

If a regular stylist is used then the person with autism can recognize them and not feel too nervous during haircuts.

Here are a few things to consider before getting a haircut for person with autism.

• Speak to the hair stylist or the incharge at the shop and inform them about the medical condition of the person.

• Take an appointment prior to the visit and try to go at a time when there are lesser number of people at the salon.

• It would be even better if you could take the child to the salon before the hair cutting appointment is actually taken. This will help the child or person with autism to get a little familiar with the surroundings.

• Take some stuff of the child along to the salon for the appointment. It could be a favourite toy or book, anything that helps the person with autism feel comfortable and calm.

• Explain the steps involved in a haircut to the child beforehand. This will help them understand the process and be prepared for the outing.

• You can even mock practice a haircut at home to make it a fun activity that the child can look forward to.

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