Tips for teaching children with dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects the ability to read properly. People who have dyslexia find it difficult to identify and read letters and this may affects their ability to read, write, spell, or learn languages.

It is vital to identify dyslexia in children at an early stage and help them through therapy and attention.

Here are some tips for aiding the learning process for children with dyslexia.

• Appreciate the child for every small effort. It is important to do this to help the child gain and retain self-confidence to continue an effective learning process.

• Do not ask children will dyslexia to read out aloud until they feel sure of doing it themselves. The inability to read can cause them to feel shy and embarrassed.

• Avoid punishing children with dyslexia for forgetting their stuff. It may not be easy for them to follow instructions and take care of their things like others.

• Do not call the children lazy! Children with dyslexia have to work harder to focus as the disability affects their attention span.

• Give less writing work to children with dyslexia as writing can be challenging for them. If they are not able to complete written work, give them more time and encouragement.

• Number the instructions given to the children and give them in writing.

• Encourage children with dyslexia to give answers orally. The important thing is to ensure that they understand the lessons.

• Be patient and do not compare child that have dyslexia with other children.

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