Mob stones elderly woman to death, mistakes her for child trafficker

A 65-year-old year old woman from Chennai was lynched in a village in Tamil Nadu by a mob that mistook her for a child trafficker.

Rukmani, who lived in Chennai, was driving around in the village with her relatives looking for her family temple when she was stoned to death.

A group of 200 villagers mistook her group for child traffickers and began attacking them. Everyone was seriously injured. The victims has stopped to ask an old lady for directions when they were attacked.

While speaking to the old lady, Rukmini gave chocolates to two children playing near the road. The old lady told the villagers they were child traffickers.

Even though Rukmini's group tried to tell the villagers they were visiting, they were attacked.

The villagers were tense after seeing videos of child trafficking on WhatsApp and assumed that Rukmani and her relatives were here to kidnap the kids.

Even as she lay dying on the spot, the mob kept attacking the rest of the group.

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