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Talking to children on the autism spectrum

May 14, 2018

Children with autism don't tend to communicate verbally and this can lead to misunderstandings or behaviour-related problems.

For parents and teachers, it is important to develop an understanding of these issues to help children with autism.

Here are some ideas to improve communication with children with autism.

  1. Make an effort to talk with a child with autism. Most adults tend to avoid talking to them as they don't know what to say. This is not the right thing to do.

  2. Do not assume that a child does not like you if he or she is not responding. Do not take the child's behaviour personally.

  3. Try and find the right time to talk to a child with autism. They may not always be in the mood for a conversation.

  4. Do not force the conversation on a child with autism. Too much pressure can over-stimulate them and cause further behavior issues.

  5. Talk about a topic the child like and he or she will pay attention.

  6. If talking does not get a response, write your words down. Draw a picture or write a word and show it to the child.

  7. Give the child time to understand the conversation or the written message.

  8. Always remember, they are just children who need care, attention, and affection to learn and grow.

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