Wheelchair ramps at polling booths in Mysuru are unscientific, says NGO

Karnataka witnessed Assembly elections on 12 May. Many disabled voters casted their votes as well. But activists from Mysuru were unhappy about the wheelchair ramps that were installed at polling booths in Mysuru.

An organization named Vikala Vikasa Samsthe from Mysuru pointed out that wheelchair ramps at polling booths in the district were unscientific.

An official from the organization blamed the government for not installing good wheelchair ramps to assist the disabled voters. He said that there were more than 13 lakh disabled voters in Karnataka. Out of this, 60,000 voters are from Mysuru. Hence, the government should have been more sensitive towards needs of disabled voters.

The organization also said that none of the political parties had brought out their manifestos in Braille during the election campaign. Braille-enabled electronic voting machines have not yet been introduced in Mysuru. The official added that the government should have brought in more facilities to help disabled voters.

Representatives from NGO’s across the state had asked the Election Commission to make arrangements to bring disabled people to polling booths.

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