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Experts develop new glasses to reduce progression of myopia in children

May 13, 2018

Myopia that affects the eyes is a very common disease. Severe myopia can even cause blindness.

A huge chunk of the world population is affected by myopia today. However, there is some good news for children.

Experts have created glasses called Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (DIMS) Spectacle lens. This will slow the progression of myopia in children. The glasses will be launched soon in the market.

Myopia is also called nearsightedness. It happens when your eye grows too long to focus images clearly on your retina. It can also happen when the lens of your eyes are too thick.

The glasses were developed by a group of researchers from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It reduces the progression of myopia up to 60% in children. It even stopped vision loss in nearly 21% of children who used it.

Earlier, contact lenses were used to stop the progression of blindness. But this is unhealthy, especially for children. Most of them get eye infections after regular usage of contact lenses.

This new lens is definitely going to be a boon to many children who are affected by myopia or short-sightedness.

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