Disabled people & elderly voters complain of barriers while voting during Karnataka assembly polls

The Karnataka Assembly elections were on 12 May, and there was a huge turnout of voters for the election. But people with disabilities and the elderly faced many hardships to cast their votes this time.

Some of them received help from officials at polling booths. But many did not.

Lack of wheelchairs and wheelchair ramps, slow-moving queues, and steep stairs at polling booths made it extremely difficult for disabled people and elderly.

Like 93-year-old Venkatamma found when she went to vote. She was able to get to the polling booth thanks to the help offered by other voters. None of the officials stationed there came forward.

Venkatamma wanted to cast her vote this year because she was unsure if she would be alive for the next assembly elections. She pointed out that the voting process was tiring for her someone of her age.

Another Bengaluru resident, Joseph Hoovers, posted on Facebook that his disabled sister and another blind person were denied the right to vote by an officer at Yeshwanthpur. He plans to take this issue to the court.

The government had promised wheelchairs, ramps, Braille listings for voting machines, railings and all sorts of accessibility measures. However, little of this seems to have been implemented.

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