Yousaf Saleem appointed as Pakistan's first blind judge

An important step towards inclusion in Pakistan, which has appointed its first blind judge, Yousaf Saleem.

Saleem had earlier been dropped because he was blind. He was reconsidered and recommended for the position of civil judge after the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar intervened.

Saleem is a gold medalist of the Punjab University and topped the written exam among 6,500 candidates. He was one of the 21 candidates, who qualified for interview. However, he failed in the interview as he was blind.

The CJP took notice and said that a person could be a judge even if he is blind provided he met all other qualifications.

There are many examples of visually impaired judges in other countries.

  • T Chakkaravarthy and Brahmananda Sharma - India
  • Justice Zakeria Mohammed Yacoob - South Africa
  • Richard Conway Casey, Richard Teitelman, David Tatel, Richard Bernstein - United States
  • John Lafferty - United Kingdom

Saleem is blind by birth. This young man is determined to become the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

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