Uttar Pradesh has a new centre for children born with special needs

The District Hospital at Noida in Uttar Pradesh has opened a centre for children born with special needs. The hospital has started an exclusive specialized care centre for children who have birth defects, development delays, and autism.

The centre will provide treatment free of cost to children with special needs. This will be a huge blessing to children who come from economically backward families.

The centre has state-of-the-art facilities. There are similar centres for special children at Lucknow and Aligarh. The centre in Noida will collaborate with them in order to provide better treatment and facilities for children with special needs.

Facilities like tooth extraction, counselling for special children, pathological examinations, along with eye and dental treatment will also be provided at the centre.

Five children with special needs already underwent treatment on the first day at the centre in Noida.

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