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Some exercises for people with disabilities

May 14, 2018

To stay healthy, regular exercise and an active lifestyle is important.

For people who are physically disabled, there are several forms of exercise that can be taken up according to their needs.

Here are some simple exercises that can be practiced to maintain health and fitness of the body.

  • Sit to Stand - This is an ideal exercise for those with some control on their lower body. This is done while sitting at the edge of a seat with your feet on the floor. Now slowly tilt the upper body forward and try to push yourself up with your legs into a fully standing position. Then come back to the original sitting position.
  • Seated tricep dips - This is good for people with good upper body strength. Place your hands on the armrests of your wheelchair or any other chair you are sitting on. Push yourself up until your arms are fully extended. Then relax and go back to original position.
  • Seated knee raises - Lift one knee up while sitting and then put it back down. Now repeat the same with the other knee.
  • Sit and walk - This exercise is good for people with some control on their lower body. It helps build strength. Take two chairs and do the Sit to Stand exercises. Then get up and walk to the other chair and sit in that. Again repeat the Sit to stand.

Go slow in the beginning and take someone's help till you get used to doing the exercises alone.

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