Disabled woman in Andhra Pradesh raped, accused yet to be found

Yet another incident highlights how vulnerable disabled women are to sexual assault.

This time, there are reports that a 24-year-old physically disabled woman was allegedly gang raped by three people in Vizianagaram in Andhra Pradesh. The accused is auto driver and his two friends.

The rape survivor was going to her sister’s house when she was attacked. She was waiting for her relatives to pick her up to take her to her sister’s house. When no one turned up, she boarded an auto.

Two other men were in the auto along with the driver. The driver did not stop at the destination she had mentioned and took her elsewhere where they raped her.

She was rescued by a motorist who heard her cries. The three accused escaped.

A case of rape has been registered. Police say they have sent teams to catch the men.

A Human Rights Watch report published recently has highlighted the many challenges women and girls with disabilities face in India. They are highly vulnerable to sexual violence and face many barriers when trying to pursue justice, said the report.

Women with disabilities face many issues, such as lack of mobility or difficulty to communicate. When it comes to reporting incidents of sexual violence, disabled women are not seen as sexual beings, and assaults on them are more likely to go unreported.

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