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Indore students invent e-walking stick for blind and visually impaired people

Three students from the Acropolis College in Indore in Madhya Pradesh have invented a guiding stick for people who are blind and visually impaired.

This electronic walking stick will help them identify the obstacles on their way correctly. It will also alert them about other kinds of changes that are coming on their path.

The three students behind this invention are Ayush Upadhyay, Mohit Dwivedi and Rohit Dwivedi. They are students of electronics and communication and worked on the stick under the guidance of their professor, Nilesh Dubey.

This electronic walking stick has ultrasonic sensors attached to its upper and lower parts. The sensor in the upper part of the walking stick will inform the user of any hurdle that is coming in the way.

The ultrasonic sensor in the lower part will inform the user about potholes, drains and other type of obstacles. It will also help them walk on the stairs with care.

There are fitted on the guiding stick that will inform other people that a blind or visually impaired person is moving around.

The students are now working on a GPS feature for the guiding stick. This will give the location and other details of the user. If the stick is lost or misplaced somewhere, the user can come to know where to find it.

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