Noise pollution can lead to stress, says new study

Noise pollution is a huge cause of concern in India. It has terrible health impacts on a person. A new study has revealed that exposure to a lot of noise can cause stress in people.

Today, people who live in residential areas or away from cities are affected by noise pollution. Business and commerce have expanded in cities. This in turn has led to many health problems for people living in many cities.

People living in urban areas and main roads are constantly exposed to traffic and loud noises.

Noise pollution can cause various health hazards. Some of them are hearing loss, stress, high blood pressure, sleep disorders and other related illnesses.

An expert says that noise pollution can lead to psychological disturbances in a person. Constant exposure to noise will lead to a condition called Tinnitus. It affects the ears and later leads to other health problems. Tinnitus causes a humming sound in the ear.

A person who has Tinnitus will find it hard to even have a good night's sleep. This will lead to many other health problems including high stress levels.

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