Disabled people from Gurugram holds march demanding equal job opportunities

More than 100 disabled people held a march at Gurugram under the banner Peace March. It was held to bring to the notice of corporate companies that disabled people can also work and show their skills along with others.

Among them was Payal Kukreja, who was rejected despite having the right qualifications. Finally, a manager from a corporate company gave her a chance. That changed her life.

Payal points out that most of the companies have a misconception that disabled people will not be able to work well.

Nitin Goyal, who has a paraplegia and works with Nokia, has an MBA degree. He says that many IT companies, telecom industries and private firms are more willing to hire educated people with disabilities. But he says that not many disabled people are fortunate enough to get the right skills.

The march was organized by a centre named Navjyoti. The organization provides skill development and training to disabled people.

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