Apple launches new features for people with disabilities

This Thursday will be celebrated as Global Accessibility Awareness day.

Ahead of the day, Apple is all set to launch something unique for people with disabilities. They will bring out new features that will enable people with all kinds of disabilities lead more independent lives. It will also save them a lot of time as well!

For example, Apple has created inverted colours on I-Phone screens. This will help visually impaired users. Its low light will be helpful while using the phone before bedtime.

There is something for visually impaired people who have to use the kitchen. They can use their iPhone to find specific spices by using a camera app to read their barcodes.

An official from Apple said that every year they are looking into creating something unique for disabled people. They are improving their features as each year passes by.

Other companies like Google are following suit. Google recently added many features to Android. This included changes in voice commands and display settings. These are beneficial to people with disabilities.

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