Anti-hypertension diet ideal to cure depression in elderly with cardiovascular diseases

A recent study has shown that modification in diet can reduce depression in adults who have cardiovascular diseases. The diet followed for antihypertension is ideal to treat depression in elderly who have cardiovascular diseases.

Over the years, studies have proved that people who have cardiovascular diseases are prone to depression. Researchers conducted the study on 964 people who were 81 years of age. They found that people who add more of vegetables and grains and low levels of sugar and saturated fat are lesser prone to depression.

These foods are ideal for people with cardiovascular diseases. They belong to the group of foods called DASH (dietary approaches to stop hypertension). It helps in reducing heart ailments and keeps the body fit.

The western diet has more saturated fats and lesser vegetables. People who follow this diet were more prone to depression.

Researchers said that this new study can help bring down depression in adults to a large extent.

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