Common mistakes people make during interviews

Looking for a job means being prepared to face an interview. A successful interview may result in you landing the job of your dreams.

Below are the most common mistakes made by candidates during an interview.

  1. Not doing research about the position that you are applying for. It is important to know about the organization, its products and services before you go for the interview. Getting the information will in fact help you during the interview.

  2. Never be late for an interview. Arriving late will keep you on edge and make you feel anxious and nervous. It is better to arrive early and take time to look around and feel more comfortable before the interview takes place.

  3. Not dressing up professionally is also not acceptable in a job interview. First impressions go a long way during a job interview. Prepare your clothes at least a day before the interview. You can check the company’s profile to know dress culture.

  4. Not making eye contact with the interviewer makes a negative impression as it shows lack of confidence and knowledge.

  5. Never talk negatively about your past company and employers. Be diplomatic when talking about the previous work experience.
  6. Do not tell lies about your experience or qualifications. Most companies conduct background checks before hiring a candidate and a lie may result in losing a job opportunity.

  7. Never ever play with your phone during the interview.

  8. Be confident but do not go overboard as bragging is a negative trait.

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