Dehradun hosts awareness camp on eye donations

According to reports, there are more than 15 billion blind people in India. Hence, creating awareness is very important. Recently, a Dehradun-based social organization held a blindness awareness campaign in the city to create that.

The organizers of the camp helped many blind people receive donated eyes from deceased people. They took permissions from families of the deceased in order to help those in need. The organizers also stressed on the importance of eye donation in today’s world where there are millions of blind people.

Experts at the event said that only healthy people can donate their eyes. Deceased who had AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, rabies, septicaemia, acute leukaemia, and other infectious diseases like meningitis and encephalitis cannot donate their eyes.

Organizers of the event said that they received a good response for the initiative from across Dehradun. Many people came forward to donate their eyes after their death. Families of deceased people also agreed to the idea.

Social workers, politicians, activists, doctors, engineers, and educationists took part in the campaign.

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