Here are four spices that help in weight loss

Spices are an important addition in Indian foods. Over the years, experts have pointed out the benefits of various spices.

Did you know that spices can contribute to weight loss as well? Well, here are four spices that can help you do just that!

  • Cumin- This is a very commonly used spice in Indian dishes. It adds to the taste factor and helps in weight loss as well. Cumin helps in increasing metabolic activity. It is good for the heart and blood helping in promotion of weight loss. Cumin is used in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.
  • Mustard seeds- Most Indian dishes are incomplete without mustard seeds. It helps in metabolism and to burn fat faster. One tablespoon of mustard seeds can increase your metabolism up to 25%.
  • Turmeric- Researchers, over the years, have pointed out the benefits of turmeric. It has healing and antioxidant properties. It purifies the liver and helps in removing toxins from liver. It also improves metabolism and hence helps in weight loss.
  • Paprika- How about some red hot paprika in your dish today? It adds to the taste and helps in weight loss too! Indian dishes are popular for being very spicy. Paprika helps in burning fat in the body. It stimulates the central nervous system and produce heat in the body. This in turn, helps in weight loss. Chilli also reduces appetite.

Experts say that it is best not to cook spices in metal utensils. This reduces their antioxidant capacities.

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