Blind man alleges discrimination by river rafting operators in Dehrdadun

Shailendra Yadav, who is blind, has alleged that he was not allowed to take part in a river rafting trip by raft operators in Dehradun simply because of his disability.

Yadav is the General Secretary of the North Zone Blind Cricket Association. He says that he takes part regularly in such trips. However, despite his familiarity, the operators refused to let him take part.

According to the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, 2016, Act , disabled people must not be denied participation in any sport. Yadav says that the raft operators have gone against the law by denying him basic rights.

Yadav asserted that the tourism departments and its authorities must be made aware of the RPWD Act. Most of the times, the Act is not being implemented by authorities.

Yadav added that tourism departments across India must ensure that such incidents do not happen again. Officials from the concerned departments said that they are looking into the matter. Yadav has been asked to file a written complaint.

Meanwhile, the raft operators have been asked to give a detailed explanation. Yadav had alleged that the raft operators misbehaved with him as well.

Disabled people are climbing mountains, achieving remarkable things in sports and bringing glory to India. In this context, the insensitivity shown by the raft operators has created an uproar among disability rights groups.

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