Assisted living facility for Kolkata's elderly to be opened next year in New Town

An assisted living facility with 147 independent units with nursing staff, medical attendants and activity options will come up for senior citizens in Action Area in New Town, Kolkata.

The facility is being built by the Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (Hidco) as part of its corporate social responsibility programme. This is the first time an agency of the West Bengal government is involved in building a home for the aged.

The centre has been named Snehodiya and will be the first of its kind in New Town.

The 11-storied building will be launched in 2019. It will have single and double-occupancy units and will accommodate 204 people.

A doctor and attendants will be available 24x7. There will be a tie-up with hospitals.

The security deposit for a double-occupancy room is Rs 45 lakh, while for single-occupancy, it will be RS 25 lakh. The monthly rent and maintenance fee will be Rs 16,000. The security deposit for a premium unit will be Rs 50 lakh.

The balcony of each room will have a garden and every floor will have a lounge. The bathrooms will have anti-skid flooring and handles and bars for support.