Rajinikanth fans offer Rs 2 crore for the dog in his new film

Rajinikanth’s next film Kaala will release in June this year. The posters of the movie have become a huge hit, as has the dog featured in it.

Rajinikanth fans are offering more than Rs two crore for the street dog, which is called Mani that can be seen standing beside Rajinikanth in the poster.

The dog belongs to Simon who is a dog trainer. In spite of being offered crores of rupees, Simon is just not ready to part with Mani.

Simon has been working as a dog trainer for more than 30 years. He has trained many dogs for films. A few months back, Pa Ranjith, director of Kaala told Simon he wanted a dog for the film.

Simon showed Rajinikanth and Ranjith different breeds of dogs. They did not like any of them. Then Simon spotted Mani on the streets of Chennai. He was extremely playful, but tired due to lack of food and water.

Simon took him home and gave him good food and vaccines. He sent a picture of Mani to Rajinikanth. The superstar was impressed and Mani ended up with Rajinikanth on the poster of Kaala.

Mani has become an overnight celebrity. He has managed to capture Rajinikanth's heart as well as those of millions of fans.

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