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5 shopping tips for wheelchair users

May 17, 2018

Shopping is never an easy task. Running around the store and trying to figure out what you need to pick up is a difficult task for all of us.

The rush can make it a difficult and tiring exercise. And for someone who uses a wheelchair, it can be even more overwhelming.

Here are 5 tips that you can follow to make shopping easier and more fun.

  • Make a shopping list- This is the basic thing. Once your list is ready, then you are good to go. Write down all that you need on a notepad. Make sure that you group vegetables, fruits and meat. You need not keep going to the same section to pick up things!
  • Find an accessible store- There are many retail chains and supermarkets that are accessible. Ensure that the store has a wheelchair ramp with adequate space between the aisles. The store must have enough space to turn your wheelchair as well.
  • Use a hand-held mirror- If you find it difficult to check out things that are kept in large bins, you can always use a hand held mirror.
  • Use home delivery services- Most of the grocery shops have home delivery services. If there is a nearby shop, ask them to deliver things to your doorstep.
  • Online shopping is the in-thing- There are many grocery websites today. All you need to do is, go online and pick your choose. You can buy fresh vegetables, fruits and even meat online.

Happy shopping!

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