Father in Madhya Pradesh throws party for son who failed in Class 10 exams

A man from Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh threw a party for his son who failed his class 10 exams. The father said he did this as he wanted to motivate his son to perform better.

This is in a state where seven students committed suicide within a few hours after exam results were declared.

The father, Surendra Kumar Vyas, who is a civil contractor, invited his relatives and friends for the surprise party. Only after the guests reached the venue did they realize that the father had thrown a party for his son, Ashu.

Vyas said that after failing in exams, children get depressed and some even commit suicide. He wanted to send a message to such kids that boards are not the last exams of their lives.

Ashu said that he loves his father and would work hard next year to do well in his exams.

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