Tribeca Care trains Kolkata senior citizens on using modern technology

82-year-old Mallinath Bose did not know how to use his iPad to speak to his son, who is based abroad.

Finally a care manager from Tribeca Care, a company that looks after the elderly, taught Bose how to use Skype and video chat with his son and his family.

This is a common problem faced by the elderly. Technology can bring more convenience and comfort to their lives, but many elders do not know how to use it.

Now Tribeca Care, an elderly care company, has started a programme to train senior citizens in using tech tools that can ease their daily chores like doing bank transfers.

This is not the first such initiative to train the elderly. Earlier, the South City International School had a e-learning programme for grandparents to train them on using smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Tribeca Care aims to teach the elderly a few basics of technology. These include how to switch off the internet connection on a phone, how to WhatsApp, how to increase the font size of text messages, how to expand a document, how to book a cab, and how to use Net banking.

At present, the company trains people who are enrolled with them for care services. They are in touch with schools for sessions to train the grandparents of students’. They also plan to organize community training programmes in partnership with the government.

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