Physical exercise has no cognitive benefit for dementia patients, says new study

A recent study has dismissed the positive effects of exercise on people with dementia. It says that physical exercise does not help to reduce the effects of the disease.

More than four million people across the world have dementia. Exercise has always been considered a good way to counter the effects. While physical exercise is good for a healthy body, it does not slow down the process of dementia.

A group of researchers from the United Kingdom have come forward with these findings after a study done on 494 people. The participants were made to do physical exercises, like gymming and aerobics.

Researchers found out that even though it helps the person stay fit, it does not bring down the effects of dementia. There was no difference in the quality of life of the person as well.

Researchers say that people with dementia can still continue doing exercises. But that will not make bring any improvements in cognitive development.

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