Congress asks for 'Karnataka Model' In Goa & Manipur

Upset by the developments in Karnataka, the Congress plans to make a point in at least three other states where it missed a chance to form government after it fell short of numbers. These are Goa, Manipur and Meghalaya.

Its coalition partner in Bihar, Lalu Yadav's party Rashtriya Janata Dal, plans to do the same.

The Congress said that if the BJP has got the chance to form the government in Karnataka because it is the single largest part, then the governments in Goa, Bihar, Manipur and Meghalaya should resign and make way for the single largest party.

The Congress and Janata Dal Secular (JDS) together have a majority in Karnataka. However, the state governor invited the BJP, which is the largest party but is eight short of a majority.

All 16 Goa Congress lawmakers are planning to march to the state governor's house tomorrow to stake claim to form government.

In the Goa election, the Congress won 17 in the 40-seat assembly and the BJP won 13. The governor invited the BJP and its allies after they showed a combined strength that was more than the half-way mark. The Congress challenged the Goa governor's decision in the Supreme Court, but could not stop the oath ceremony.

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