A college in Nepal is helping disabled students fulfil their dreams of getting an education

Disabled students from Nepal's Palpa district were finding it hard to travel to colleges to study for along time. Until the Tansen Multiple Campus came to their rescue.

There were many students who had applied here for a degree, but lack of facilities and infrastructure made it hard for authorities to grant so many admissions.

Now, thanks to donations from the Indian Embassy that is no longer the case.

The college authorities had approached the Indian Embassy for financial help and the Indian government at the time had released Rs 1.54 lakh for a new building in Tansen in 2007.

Today there are over 1,000 students here and classes are offered up to the post graduation level.

Visually impaired students say the facilities here are of great help. There are railings all around and the staircases make it easy for them to walk without difficulty.

Nearly 500 students have completed their post-graduation degree from the college in the last seven years.

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