Singer Vishal Dadlani urges people to stop discriminating against people with disabilities

Singer Vishal Dadlani, who has featured in a video with a music band of disabled children, has urged people not to look at people with disabilities as abnormal. Dadlani says this attitude has to change.

Dadlani says he is honoured to be a part of a video where he got a chance to meet the kids. He says they had a certain honesty and they talk from the heart.

Dadlani said that these kids are different, but that does not make them abnormal.

The band is called 6 Pack Band 2.0 and it is made up of six kids with disabilities. The children are Ananya, Anjali, Maitreya, Paarth, Prerna and Rishaan. The band is an initiative by Y-Films to create awareness about disabilities of children.

Dadlani says that people have to understand that everyone is unique in their own way and that every child has the ability to function differently from each other.

He also said that he was against sending kids with special needs to separate schools as that would not enable greater understanding or communication.

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