Researchers use artificial intelligence to detect cause of dementia from brain scans

A group of scientists have used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect one of the main causes of dementia and stroke from brain scans.

This group of scientists from London have created something unique. They have been able to identify and measure the intensity of small vessel disease (SVD).

SVD is a very common disease in elderly people. This neurological disease reduces blood flow to deep white matter in the brain. It damages the brain cells and eventually kills it as well. SVD can also cause stroke, hypertension and diabetes.

Through this technique, doctors can easily identify dementia in a patient. They can also provide the best treatment to patients by implementing this technique. This might even pave way for personalised medicines for dementia.

One of the researchers said that this new technique is one of its kinds. The technique is accurate and consistent. Usually, MRI scans are used on dementia patients. This new technique will surpass the expertise of even MRI scans.

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