Coimbatore district lags behind in enrolment for Unique Disability Identity cards

The government of Tamil Nadu began enrolling disabled people for Unique Disability Identity (UDID) cards over a year ago. However, so far it has generated just 19,680 cards.

This is despite the fact that Tamil Nadu was among the 14 states selected to implement the project in the first phase by the Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry in February 2017.

The UDID cards are meant to reduce duplicate and fake entries. It is supposed to ensure that benefits reach deserving people. However, the cards have not reached many beneficiaries due to lack of awareness and updated data.

So far, over 5,000 people with disabilities have been identified in Coimbatore district. Enrolment process is on after more than 35 special camps were held.

Poor awareness is a major factor that is coming in the way. Authorities are trying to create greater awareness by holding more special camps.

The UDID card will bring in a single document system for identification and verification to avail all the government benefits. It would also help to create a national database of disabled people.

Some disability rights groups say that the process of applying for a UDID card is difficult. An Aadhaar card is needed for a UDID card, which many people do not have. Many people have conditions like involuntary body movements, Down syndrome, and multiple disabilities which make it hard for them to get an Aadhaar card.

Many people with disabilities also find it hard to visit the offices multiple times for enrolment, as they have to depend on others for this.

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