Speech therapist in Kolkata arrested for assaulting special needs child

In a shocking incident, a speech therapist in Kolkata has been arrested for assaulting a two-year-old child who had come to her clinic for a session.

The incident took place at her clinic in south Kolkata. The therapist, Chaitali Mukherjee, has been placed in judicial custody until 19 May.

The parents of the child had gone to the clinic for a session when the incident took place. It was the child's second consultation.

The parents have told the police that they were waiting outside the room, while the child was inside with Mukherjee. They noticed the clinic staff rushing into the therapist's room. When they went in, they found their son bleeding. They rushed him to a nearby hospital and later filed a police complaint.

The child has said that he was slapped and hit hard by Mukherjee, who also dragged him across the room. The parents say there is CCTV footage that confirms the brutal assault.

Mukherjee has been booked under two sections of the Indian Penal Code as well as the Juvenile Justice Act.

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