Disability no barrier for these gold medal winners

The fourth convocation ceremony of the Dr Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University was truly an inspiring moment.

Located in Lucknow, it is the first university of its kind in India that provides accessible and quality higher education to disabled students.

The top three medal winners were Vipin Yadav, Anju Kumari and Jyoti Mishra. All their stories were inspiring in different ways.

Vipin Yadav, who is physically disabled, was the highest scorer with 87.7%. He says he was inspired by watching students with so many disabilities struggle every day to study. He plans to pursue research in the area of uplifting people with disabilities.

42-year-old Anju Kumari, who is the second achiever in the top three, shows that age and disability are no barriers to education. Anju started studying after a gap of 19 years and scored the highest marks among disabled students in the post graduate category. Her right hand was completely damaged in an accident when she was 10 years old but she practised writing with her left hand and never took a scribe.

The third student to walk away with top honours was Jyoti Mishra, the daughter of a farmer from Basti. She lost 80% vision but used the remaining 20% to excel in studies. She decided not to study in Braille but use mobile recordings to learn. She wants to become a teacher.

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