How to deal with work stress

Pressure to meet targets and deadlines can motivate one at work but when it becomes constant, it can affect physical and emotional health. It is important not to let work take over your personal life. Technology forces us to be available 24 hours a day so establishing work life boundaries is important.

  • Write down what is causing the stress and how it makes you feel.
  • Write down the tasks in the order of priority and set realistic deadlines to meet them.
  • Set a time limit after which you do not check office mails at home.
  • Avoid gossiping and airing personal views at work because often this puts one in situations that cause stress.
  • Take short breaks every 2-3 hours while at work so you can take a walk or do deep breathing exercises at work.
  • Follow a healthy diet, exercise and meditate every day to reduce stress.

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