One out of five children in rehabilitation homes have poor mental health, says reports

The psychiatry department of All India Institute of Medical Sciences conducted a study on mental health of children living in rehabilitation homes in Delhi. One of out every five inmates in such institutions suffered from poor mental health.

The study was conducted on 414 children living in 19 children’s homes across Delhi. Almost 2% of them suffered from various psychiatric disorders as well.

Many children resort to drug abuse and anti-social activities as well. Experts assert that such children must be given medical help and counselling at the earliest. Or else they might end up in drug abuse and engaging in criminal activities.

Most of these children’s home does not have a qualified psychiatrist or mental health expert. Authorities at these children’s homes do not trace the families of abandoned or missing children.

Over the years, studies have proved that mental health of children in such institutions is poor. This study published by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) shows the importance of taking care of the mental health of children, especially in rehabilitation homes.

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