Museums in Kerala must be made accessible, says expert

An expert from Kerala claimed that museums across the state are inaccessible, mainly for disabled people.

B Venugopal is the Director of the Centre for Intangible Heritage Studies. Venugopal said that the government has to take immediate measures to make museums accessible. He claimed that the lack of interest shown by the government has delayed the process of making them accessible. Due to this, many museums had to shut down while many others face huge losses.

It is important that museums are preserved by the government. It helps us take a look into the past and a rich culture.

The government has to install facilities for disabled people. Braille labels, wheelchair ramps, signages and universal designs must be installed so that disabled people can also enjoy museums.

Venugopal pointed out that today’s generation are more interested in cinema and amusement parks. This has led to a slow death of museums. They must be revived and the government must take measures for it.

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