Read about the the 5 health benefits of the humble bhindi!

Ladyfingers, also known in Hindi as bhindi, is one of the most popular vegetables used in Indian curries. It has many nutrients and is tasty as well. It usually grows in hot climate. Bhindi is a little slimy when compared to other vegetables. Hence, it has to be cooked with utmost care.

Here are five health benefits of making bhindi a regular part of your diet.

  • Prevents gastritis- Inflammation in the stomach is usually caused by certain bacterias. This can cause gastritis. It leads to uneasiness and disturbances in the stomach. Bhindi contains an anti-adhesive ingredient. This sticks to the gut inside the stomach and prevents bacteria from entering the body.
  • Many Asian medicines use bhindi in order to treat stomach problems.
  • Lowers cholesterol- Bhindi is rich in soluble fibre. This helps in prevention of cholesterol. So if you are tested with high cholesterol, you know what vegetable to add to your diet!
  • Good for heart health- The soluble fibre in bhindi helps reduce cholesterol. It also helps to prevent heart diseases like cardiac arrest and heart attacks.
  • Kills breast cancer cells- Bhindi contains lectin. This helps to prevent breast cancer. Studies have showed that people who eat bhindi often have 63% lesser chance of having breast cancer.
  • Helps in good memory - Bhindi helps to boost cognitive skills. It also helps in reducing risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders.

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