Over 100 people take part in a riverboat cruise organized by Special Care Holidays!

It was a fun-filled day for over 100 disabled people from across Kerala as they cruised through the lush backwaters of Alleppey.

The trip was organized by Special Care Holidays, which calls itself India's first holiday company for disabled people headed by a person with a disability.

The travelers sang, danced, and relished authentic Kerala food as they cruised through the backwaters.

Open to people with all types of disabilities

This is the first venture of Special Care Holidays started by Simon George, who has been a wheelchair user for the past 30 years. He decided to start a venture exclusively for disabled people as most tourist places are inaccessible to people with disabilities.

Most of the time people with disabilities miss out on all the fun due to the lack of accessible means. This has to change. Disabled people travel with friends and family to have a good time. They must experience everything that an able-bodied person does. My main aim is to provide accessible tourism - Simon George, Founder, Special Care Holidays

George decided to begin his tryst with accessibility travel by starting off with a riverboat cruise. People with different kinds of disabilities signed up for the adventure.

Accessible in every way

Special Care Holidays arranged an exclusive lift for people on wheelchairs. This lift helped people to go up to the second floor of the houseboats. George says this technology is being used in India for the first time.

Countries like United States and Canada have accessibility across their major tourist spots. Why does India lack all that? High-time our tourist places become accessible - Founder, Special Care Holidays

Special Care Holidays also has vehicles with wheelchair ramps and portable toilets. The team organized Braille brochures for blind and visually impaired people. There was a team of specially trained staff to cater to the needs of people with all kinds of disabilities.

The company plans to conduct holidays to parts of north India and Lakshwadeep very soon. They already have a few bookings for places like Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, so a trip to the north looks most likely to be first on the agenda.

A mechanical engineer by profession, George has been working in the disability space for the last 10 years. Right now Special Care Holidays has six employees at their office in Kochi. They soon plan to spread wings to other parts of India as well.

Do you have a disabled friend or family member who wants to go for a vacation? You can reach Special Care Holidays at info@specialcareholidays.com. Login to www.specialcareholidays.com for more details. You can also call them at 8129601425 or 9446806296.

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