Bombay High Courts bars abusive son from entering elderly mother's home

The Bombay High Court has come to the rescue of a 72-year-old doctor who had alleged that her son used to abuse her. The court has denied her son permission to enter her house.

The court ruled that the son had no right over his mother's house. The bench was hearing a plea filed by the son seeking that he, his wife, and their child be given access to his mother's house in south Mumbai.

The son said that he and his family used to stay with his mother, until she changed the locks of the house one day when they were out.

He also said that by not letting him enter the flat, the mother was wrongly dispossessing him of a property that he too had a share in.

The mother told the court that the flat belonged to her and her late husband. She also said that her son had been abusing her emotionally and physically.

She urged the court to direct the local police to help protect her from further abuse.

The court has directed the son and his family to remove their belongings from the mother’s flat.

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