Fuel prices reach record high in the country

The price of fuel has been rising continuously in the country. The price of petrol reached new record levels in Delhi and Mumbai on Monday.

Petrol cost went up to Rupees 76.57 in Delhi and Rupees 84.40 per litre in Mumbai.

While in Kolkata and Chennai, the price of the fuel went up to the highest levels in last five years, at Rupees 79.24 and Rupees 79.47 per litre respectively.

Experts state that the price rise is due to the high excise duty on fuel import in India.

The price of diesel also set new records across the country over the weekend.

In Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, diesel was sold at the cost of Rupees 67.82, Rupees 70.37, Rupees 72.21 and Rupees 71.59 per litre, respectively.

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