Japanese climber dies in 8th attempt to scale Mt Everest after loss of fingers

A 36 years old Japanese mountain climber Nobukazu Kuriki has died during an attempt to climb Mount Everest.

It was the eighth time that Kuriki was trying to scale the tallest peak in the world after seven unsuccessful attempts.

The climber was found dead in his camp and had managed to climb 24,278 feet on the 29,035-foot high mountain.

He had earlier lost nine fingertips to frostbite in a previous climbing attempt in 2012 but had not given up. Despite loss of fingers, Kuriki wanted to climb Mount Everest.

Kuriki is reported to be the second person to die on the Mount Everest during the current climbing season.

The current climbing season for Mount Everest started in March and will continue through this month. More than 340 climbers from all over the world will attempt the climb this year.

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