Demand rises for an exclusive senior citizens quota at Delhi University

67-year-old Nagesh Chadha is an aspiring student. He already has many degrees to his credit. However, Mr Chadha is disappointed in the Delhi University (DU) as it does not have any provisions or quotas for elderly people to pursue courses in the university.

Mr Chadha has a diploma in Urdu, as well as Travel and Tourism from University of Delhi. He is all set to take up a certificate course in Persian as well. He has taken the examinations for it.

Mr Chadha says that the university must be more accommodating towards elderly people. The DU hold exams and tests for elderly to give them admission as is the routine for all candidates.

But Mr Chadha says that it is difficult for elderly people to compete with younger candidates. Since most of them are preparing for competitive exams they have good knowledge about all subjects. Therefore having a quota for senior citizens is the ideal solution.

Mr Chadha aims to do his Masters in Life Long Learning from DU or join the Delhi School of Journalism. He says that he is studying to expand his knowledge and not to find a job.

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