Babysitting is not the duty of grandparents, says Pune court

Grandparents or elderly people cannot be forced to babysit children against their wishes, a Pune family court has ordered.

The court said that the duty to look after little children falls on parents, not grandparents.

The court was hearing a petition by a mother of two children who held her in-laws responsible for having to place her children in a crèche.

The women had to return to her job while the kids were very young in 2012, as her husband stopped providing financial support.

She had to start working for four months after she first gave birth.

She alleged that her in-laws did not support her by taking care of the babies and she was forced to keep them in a day care centre.

The court ordered that grandparents should not be considered nannies or babysitters.

They can provide guidance and affection, but should not be burdened with the care of grandchildren.

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