Blind boys from Ahmedabad gear up for 12-km cycle ride for a social cause

Devarshi Patel and Haresh Chaudhary are class 12 students at the Blind People’s Association (BPA) in Ahmedabad. These two students are on a mission!

They are gearing up for a 12-km cycle ride in Ahmedabad to promote a cause. If they complete the mission successfully, they will be the first blind people to ride a bicycle in Gujarat.

Devarshi and Haresh are riding the cycle for a cause initiated by the Aditya Mehta Foundation. The foundation works towards helping disabled people to choose and pursue the sport of their choice.

Devarshi will be cycling on the main road for the first time. He usually cycles around his house because main roads are dangerous.

Devarshi says he always rode a tricycle. However, one of its wheels broke one day and his father asked him to still go ahead and ride the cycle. That is how he learned to balance on two wheels!

Devarshi uses a tandem cycle, where a person with sight will be in charge of steering. The blind person has to pedal. He adds that it is no easy task. The blind person will have to know what his partner is up to and change pedals and brakes accordingly. But Devarshi totally loves it!

Haresh has 25% vision. He has ridden his bicycle on the highway once. He says that tandem cycling is quite different for him.

Haresh’s cousin used to be on the riding seat and he will be on the carrier seat. It was Haresh who used to peddle. His cousin used to help with navigation.

The boys are excited to kick-start their first cycling expedition.

The 12 km ride will start from Sindhu Bhavan road and end at Science City in Ahmedabad. The duo will be accompanied by the Indian para-cycling team and Ahmedabad Bicycle Club members.

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