A healthy heart will prevent frailty in elderly, says new study

Want to ensure you remain strong and tough in your old age? Then make sure that you have a healthy heart! A recent study says that a healthy heart during old age is essential to prevent frailty.

Frailty leads to low strength in the body. The entire body becomes vulnerable. As a result, the person tends to be prone to falls, fractures, disability, and hospitalisation

The study found out that chances of frailty were 85% lesser in people with a healthy heart. Having a healthy heart will also ensure that you stay away from diseases like dementia and chronic pain.

Researchers looked into uncontrolled high blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels, being overweight, intensity of physical activity, and smoking history to arrive at the conclusion.

More than four lakh people between 60-69 years were used for the study which was conducted over a span of 10 years.

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